“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

-Steve Jobs

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Reuse Map/Content Audit for Unit 2

Content Model Reuse Map See “Unit 2 Overview” for full explanation of Unit 2! 🙂

WTF Project

For my WTF Project, I chose to try and gain some more concepts that deal with Bootstrap.  I chose not to try to use Bootstrap studio, but I decided to try and build off a project that my team worked on during this year’s Spartahack Convention. I felt that I…

GitHub Classwork Assignment 4/19

Contribution to GitHub Class Work April 19, 2017

Advanced Topic Presentation

My ATP was given on Source Tree/Visual Studio.  Source Tree is an IDE that allows multiple remote team members to improve code sharing and other projects.  ATP https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1vjXwtdPMZk5QqL_Ig-DTUaaQsbbnxDQU33YTbx7q3eg/edit#slide=id.g202b2f0264_0_7

JavaScript Quiz

Here is the link for my JavaScript Quiz.  I thought it’d look better on my portfolio! file:///C:/Users/Scholars/Downloads/quiz%20(1).html

Unit 2 Overview

The Basis Overall, I found Unit 2 to be a little difficult.  Seeing how I am new to WordPress, this unit gave me a chance to further understand what it has to offer.  I started off by expanding on wire frames I made in WRA 210.  These wire frames were…

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